Endless Field Studios, Volume 2

by Endless Field Studios




Straight from the northern wastes of Illinois, Endless Field Studios, Volume 2 incarnates the music of EFS in a unified vision. With thousands of visitors and plays each month, EFS has grown from a dream to a thriving underground movement. If the website, the social networks, and the internet itself are all but abstracted aspects of the collective, then this album is a paragon.

If you were to stand in the red, fertile planes of this place, at that time of day when the sun casts black and gold patterns across the hills, you might catch a glimpse of the EFS artists. Maybe they're cruising down a forested road in a Jeep full of electronic equipment, or recording the sounds of a partially developed cookie-cutter subdivision. Maybe they're hauling gear out of a basement practice space and into a van, or even stealing southern gazes to Chicago and the myriad of venues and mysteries that lie there.

Featuring exclusive tracks from LAKE R▲DIO, Connectedness Locus, Everything Comes in Cycles; Everything Fades in Shades and Con the Master as well as classics from Bridges of Königsberg, Sioum, Heavy Ghost and Lunar Day. Also featuring Ending Days: a very special track from an ill-fated collaborative experiment. In late 2010, EFS artists established an online forum to develop audio tracks together, but soon after it's birth, robots selling chotchkies overran it. To stop the robots from spreading to other parts of the internet the artists obliterated the forum. This song is the only artifact recovered from the ruinous husk of the server...

Cover art by Teresa Hagen.


released March 24, 2012